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Monorail double rowing

Monorail double rowing

Rowing muscle and the design of fitness equipment, can effectively reduce the abdominal, back and arm of excess fat, to achieve weight loss and fitness goals.

Rowing machine there are generally six kinds of operation methods: joint activity, sit-ups, boating, chest, abdominal muscle stretching and arm motion. Different kinds of boating, muscle exercise of the different focus, it should be according to their own situation to choose.

The monorail rowing

Crank arm and the seat rails together, foldable, portable, convenient collection. But a single function.

The two-track rowing.

Can be 360 degree chest movement and changes are synchronized movement, so the motion to the muscles are more. It also can be folded, and is a convenient, effective rowing.

The multifunctional boating.

It is suitable for women to use the rowing machine. General flat bike, sit-ups, boating and other functions. The main exercise abdominal and arm muscles.

The boat is rocking.

Can operate the wave action, action is relatively soft, feminine boating enthusiasts use.

The butterfly type universal rowing.

Exercise intensity, exercise arm, foot at the same time, abdominal muscle, is more suitable for men to use.

In the purchase of rowing, attention should be paid to: paddle type hydraulic is better, it can freely use, do not have to worry about deformation, but also can avoid injuring themselves spring rebound. In terms of materials, the best choice of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, which is light, and will not rust. At the same time, when the choose and buy should also pay attention to slide is flexible, firm cushion; whether; sliding is no noise; the foot strap position. The answers to these questions are affirmative, you can be assured to buy it.

Rowing machine can choose can bias the practical, good quality, appearance is next, some functions can also do not need to be flashy without substance. At present in the rowing machine technology more mature brand is many new aristocracy: rowing, there are a number of Department of boating etc..

Rowing machine weight loss according to your personal time to arrange a fitness plan, the new aristocracy rowing on weight loss is a very ideal motion devices, the rational use of this kind of excellent boating plan to lose weight, you must be able to reach your destination.

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